Dominik Schonthal: For a freestyle windsurfer, its not easy to train correct in the gym

Name: Dominik Schönthal (G-265)

Windsurfing sincehe was 8 years old
Competitions: PWA Worldtour and European Freestyle Pro Tour in 2010

Favourite Windsurfspots: Karpathos (Greece), Cape Town (South Africa), Brouwersdam (Netherlands), Liznjan (Croatia)

Strength and Endurance-Training for windsurfers

Since I started to workout in the gym, I was always wondering, how to train functional, in order to perform better in freestyle-windsurfing and get more strength to perform my moves more powerfully, but at the same time, not to  get stiff and inflexible. I knew that my old windsurfing friend Andrej Rantasa, who I met during my windsurfing holidays in Greece, is a great strength and fitness coach in Slovenia. I contacted him and he helped me straight away with a great program, which helped me so much some years ago, when I first tried it.

For a freestyle windsurfer, it's not easy to train correct in the gym. On one hand, you need strength and power, but on the other hand you have to stay flexible and have lots of endurance! So you don’t want to gain to much muscle mass, but still you wish to get stronger in the long term!

Due to the fact, that Andrej was a passionate windsurfer as well, he knew exactly what I needed to do, and how my workout routine should look like.

I needed jumping power, overall explosive power and endurance for all the freestyle tricks!

We used mostly free weights and compound movements! My best friend was the squat! Once I learned the proper technique, It was a really great exercise and due to the heavy weights and low rep range, I got stronger and stronger, without building up too much mass! Furthermore I had to do a lot of lunges for endurence and core exercise with compund movements to stabilize my whole body.

I have been working out for a longer period now together with Andrej! His knowledge is brilliant and I can always rely on him if it comes about strength training, bodybuilding or proper nutrition!

Dominik Schönthal